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"It's apparent that Evotrux was designed by people in transportation, for people in transportation. Using Evortux is simple and intuitive. It has everything needed to connect shippers and carriers. As a broker it helps me connect quickly with trusted carriers. I've also searched Evotrux from the carrier side to reduce empty miles and maximize revenue."

-Phil Redekopp, Owner, Bullwhip Logistics

"Keystone Western relies everyday on the fast and extremely accurate information Evotrux provides us. It has become an essential platform for our company."

-Derrick Williams, Director of 3PL at Keystone Western.

"Securing freight on Evotrux is quick, easy and informative. We're able to get more done in less time while building a reputation our customers recognize, which allows us to capture rates that match our service."

-Ryan Taylor, Road Rider Transport