Evotrux provides the most effective, competitive and intuitive features to connect shippers and carriers. Evotrux is the industry leader offering innovative systems that provide transparency, quality, and dependability through a platform that saves time while improving its users’ bottom line.


The Evolution of Trucking

Daniel Santos, President - EvoTrux

Daniel Santos has been in the transport industry for more than 15 years, in roles as diverse as distribution management, dispatch, customer service and freight brokerage.

A common thread appeared. “You can become dragged down in the inefficiencies,” he said, “from emailing and calling multiple carriers and shippers to determine loads and capacity, to awaiting replies. It can make the job almost impossible to complete.”

He wanted to find a better way, and Evotrux was born. The name Evotrux is the company’s take on the evolution of trucking. “We’re putting the tools together for an industry that are efficient, effective and user-friendly.” Evotrux is a two-way street – or a divided highway, if you will – where both shippers and carriers benefit. “We want everyone to be able to grow their business.” 

Daniel Santos